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2016 Work Completed - The Building Exterior

The first photo shows what people saw as they came into our parking lot in the first half of 2016. The majority of our 2016 efforts were focused on repairing and upgrading the exterior of the building.

This is older part of the Cannon Beach Bible Church building. Built in 1951, the siding is deteriorating, and several attempts to paint it have resulted in a "cancer" like appearance. It is not very inviting.

New building siding

The work on the outside of the building started in June, with the cleaning and repainting of the existing windows. By the end of August the siding had been replaced... but the work wasn't done yet. It's an old building, and dry rot was found in one section of the building. Those repairs were completed in October. The gutters and new downspouts were also put on in mid-October. There are still a few touchup details that need to be taken care of when we get some dry weather (maybe next June). But, as you can see below, we're looking good!

Exterior Work Completed 2017

Dino Track Fied Station New Carpeting

The remainder of the exterior siding was replaced in 2017. In the process it was found that 40 feet of the north wall structure was filled with dry rot. That wall was replaced in 2017. Most of the exterior work is now complete.

On the inside the existing carpeting was old and frayed, and in some areas it was held together by duct tape. All of the carpeting, except for the main auditorium has been replaced thanks to a very generous donation. Praise the Lord! (Photo to the right.)

We've also started painting some of the interior walls and have had the carpeting and seating in the main auditorium cleaned. Our goal for the building interior is to repaint several of hallways and rooms, replace some of the molding, and do ceiling repairs.

Fossil Exhibits

We are hoping to complete the construction of one exhibit every 6 to 8 weeks. As we are working on each exhibit it will be set up in the church lobby. Visitors to our Sunday morning services (10:45 AM) will be able to see these exhibits... giving them a preview of what will be in the Dinosaur Tracker Field Station.

A goal for 2018 is to complete writing the story visitors will experience and get our "guide" book published. We hope to have this done by August.

How You May Be Saved

Our plans are to initially have twelve "stations" (exhibits), plus a kid's craft area, and a video room. We've just figured out how to double our exhibit space, so we hope to expand from 12 stations 24 in the future. This means we are looking for additional fossils and other Genesis related materials for this new area..

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