Some Exhibits Will Occasionally Be In the Church Lobby

We are now building the exhibits for the creation museum. We are planning on there being 12 learning stations. Each learning station may have multiple exhibits. As each exhibit is built it will be set up in the church lobby on Sunday mornings. We are very interested in your comments and suggestions, and -- of course -- if you catch a typo or error, please let us know.

Reading Dinosaur Tracks

First Learning Station: Reading Dinosaur Tracks

The first exhibit we have in the church lobby shows the basics of reading dinosaur tracks. What can you learn from a dinosaur track? Using real dinosaur tracks (not casts or reproductions) you'll learn how to identify:

Video screen you can control present the information in each exhibit. In the future we plan to add interactivity with smart phones to provide additional information.

First Learning Station: Part Two - Finding Dinosaur Tracks

The next part of this first learning station shows you how to spot dinosaur tracks. While we have some very good quality tracks on display, in most cases dinosaur tracks are faint and incomplete. However, if you know what to look for, you can spot dinosaur tracks from just the faintest clues.

Dinosaur Fossils

You'll start with a fairly easy to see fossilized dinosaur footprint and learn what to look for. You'll then be presented with a variety of stones, some that have faint tracks, some that have no dinosaur tracks, and some that have other fossilized "stuff." (We're not going to reveal here what "stuff" you might see.) Your job is to figure out what you are seeing.

In this exhibit you'll also learn how dinosaur tracks were made.

A remote control, provided with each exhibit, allows you to control the video series displayed on each monitor.

The Cannon Beach Dinosaur Tracker Field Station is being built in the Cannon Beach Bible Church. The Sunday service is at 10:30 AM. The exhibits typically remain set up until about 1:00 PM. As we work on each exhibit we expect it will be on display in the lobby for 4 to 6 Sundays.