Dinosaur Tracker Art Gallery

While the fossils and learning about dinosaurs (and the gospel) will be the major focus of the Field Station, we'd like art to also be a big part of the experience. Several artists have already volunteered to create original works for the museum, including one who is painting a huge (10' x 7') mural that will greet visitors as they enter.

If you are an artist (or someone who ones art) who can donate or loan original art related to creation, dinosaurs or fossils in particular, we would very much appreciate it. This is currently one of our biggest needs.


If you have fossils, or other materials related to dinosaurs, creation or the flood, that are suitable for display, we are interested in donations of these types of materials. We currently have enough fossils for 12 exhibits. However, we have already had such a good response from people wanting to visit the Field Station that we are thinking about expanding beyond that. We are also interested in casts of unique fossils.

Volunteer Position - Geologist

We are looking for a Christian gelogist who can help with our describing Oregon geology, how the coast rabnge formed, and why there are no dinosaur fossils in Oregon. This position can involve just consulting via email, or (and this would be best) directly helping with the design on the Oregon geology exhibit. (Note: most of our dinosaur track fossils come from Massachusetts. So knowledge of Massachusetts geology would be a nice bonus, but the main focus is Oregon.)

Books and Videos

We are thinking about establishing a creation lending library. If you have books or videos about fossils, geology, creation, or Genesis 1-11 that you could donate, they would be very much appreciated. Sent them to:

P.O. Box 277
Cannon Beach, OR 97100

Donations are tax deductible. We will send you a receipt for tax purposes. (Note: you must determine the value of any book, video or other item you send.)

Volunteer Position - Craft Director / Children's Programs Director

We would like crafts and art projects to be a big part of the Field Station experience. We are looking for a volunteer who can come up with dinosaur, fossil, and creation themed crafts, and put together the materials and supplies needed for kids to make the crafts. We'd also like to have some things that teens and adults could do.

This position involves coming up with craft ideas, researching and identifying the needed materials, purchasing the materials (we have a budget for this), and training volunteers to lead visitors in making crafts (as well as leading craft sessions yourself).

Someone living on the Oregon North Coast is preferred. If you can help with this, please send us an email at:

Rusty Tools

Carpenters Ruler

There are some tools we cannot buy in a store, so we are looking for donations of tools that will become part of an exhibit showing how dinosaur tracks are "mined" (dug up).

What we are looking for are rusty and well-used metal carpenter's type rulers similar top the one at the right. However ones that are wider/larger would be better. L-shaped rulers (right angle) would also be good. They need to be well-used, preferable rusty, and slight bends in the ruler are okay.

We also need several smaller sledge hammers, in the 2 to 4 pound range. These also need to be well used, dinged up is okay, and preferably they have some rust on them.

The third tool are some small pry bars. These need to be straight, with a wedge on one end and the other end suitable for hitting with a hammer. Think of having a crack, putting the pry bar into the crack, and hammering on the other end to open up the crack. These also need to be used, well-worn, and rust is okay.

1GB or 2GB SD Cards

We are using SD cards to hold the MP4 video files that provide the videos for the exhibit. We need about 30 SD cards having a capacity of 1 of 2 GB.

Financial Support

We are building this creation museum on a limited budget, while still having the best quality we can. Nearly all of the fossils have been donated and that has made our job a lot easier. In addition, all of the labor involved in creating this museum has been donated. THANK YOU! However, we still need to purchase quite a bit such as: computer monitors, computers, wiring, tables, signage, carts, marketing materials, and everything else that makes displaying the fossils and inviting visitors to come possible. Your financial support is very much appreciated.

Donations can be sent to:

Move to Assurance
P.O. Box 277
Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Donate via PayPal or credit card: