Cannon Beach Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Tracker - What's The Story?

What do dinosaur tracks have to do with the gospel?

The above photos show two of the banners we've used on our evanbgelism booths. People love dinosaurs, andwe've used dinosaur tracks as a part of our booths for years. They attract attention, get peiople to stop, and give us opportunities for conversations. For example, people see the above two banners and get confused. They ask, "What do dinosaurs have to do with Jesus?" So we tell them about Jesus and the gospel, usually using the Good Person Test (law and grace). And what do dinosaurs have to do with Jesus? They are what got you to stop and talk with us.

Dinosaur Tracker Field Station Story

Visitors who come to the field station will participate in an interactive story. Here's a summary of the story:

Just before you arrived here at the Field Station a FedEx Letter addressed to you was delivered to the Field Station. How did they know you would be here? We don't know. Why don't you open it?

Inside is a handwritten letter from your great, great, great aunt Prudence. You look at the date on the FedEx letter... it was sent yesterday. But, your aunt Prudence died in the year 1803. What's going on?

You open the letter. The letter informs you that your great, great uncle twice removed on your father's, mother's side of the family, your Uncle Silas, had a will. And he specifically named you in the will. How could this be? How could he even know you'd be born?

Uncle Silas had invented a time machine and he wants to give it to you. However, you can only have it if you take a selfie of yourself with a dinosaur and then email it to an address given in the letter. You can use the time machine one time only to go back to the days of the dinosaurs and get the needed photo.

Wow! Now you have lot's of questions to answer. How far back in time should you go? How do you find a dinosaur? And how do you avoid getting eaten while taking that selfie? Fortunately you can learn everything you need to know right here at the Cannon Beach Dinosaur Tracker Field Station. We'll teach you how to track dinosaurs, using real dinosaur track fossils. You'll learn how to tell the difference between a carnivore and herbivore, the size of the dinosaur, and how fast he was moving. Plus, you'll learn abut other signs of dinosaurs, such as dinosaur eggs. And most importantly, you'll learn how far back in time you need to go.

Come back to this web site for additional information. We're just getting started. We planning to open the Cannon Beach Dinosaur Tracker Field Station in the fall of 2019... and we'll contnue adding to and improving this web site as we go along.